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Our 3Cinno Lighting Department, founded in 2014, is s subsidiary of 3Cinno Group. we?ve been serving events production with a wide range of reliable LED lighting products. Whatever the scope of your project will be, we?re committed to helping you get the desired outcome by using the quality products and reliable service we offer. 3Cinno Group gathers up young professionals who have worked for this industry for almost a decade. This valuable life and work experience has inspired us to establish a relationship with our customers based on our special CUSTOMIZATION service. Customers looking for LED lighting items for certain event productions are usually faced with several common problems. Customers sometimes will start the LED hunting tour according to a certain design; and sometimes the hunting will start before a design is made because inspiration is looked for in the products. The likely problem arising from those scenarios is that products you have found in the market usually don?t turn out as the way you?ve expected. Therefore, the need of changing some physical properties in a certain scope is increasing. That need is only a part of customization we talk about here. Creativity and inspiration are also the spawn of it that can be a powerful driving force to this industry. Specifically, custom lighting solution is the possible way to bring brand new and creative lighting concept into reality. If it?s workable, customers get to take initiatives when it comes to production or design; besides, there?s a possibility that it will pass the inspiration to the outside and get popular. To take it further, if the outcome is successful and well acknowledged by other users, our customization service will payback our clients that offer such inspiring and innovative lighting ideas under certain ground rules we specially made for this.
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